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Adolescents, and Early College-Year Challenges

  • Difficulties adjusting to life in college
  • Excessive drinking, using drugs, dieting, exercising
  • Reckless sexual encounters
  • Reckless driving, road rage, multiple accidents and traffic violations
  • Difficulties keeping up with academic requirements, failed classes, procrastination
  • Panic attacks, excessive anxiety symptoms
  • Sleep disturbances

When it comes to teen age years and early 20's when a young adult is in college, there are sometimes challenges and difficulties in the family dynamic, or in the life of young adults that are particular to that age group. Even closely knit families sometimes experience a bit of disconnect with their young adult or teenager. 

Arguably, one of the most important transitions in a person's life is that from childhood to adulthood. This transitional time is hallmarked by social, physical and mental changes, an all encompassing transition. Teenagers and young adults sometimes experience a chronic sense of dysphoria or mood swings, they often report feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, body dysmorphia, tumultuous relationships, and even self harming behavior and dangerous experiments with drugs and alchol. 

Here at Feeling Good Therapy and Training Center, our psychologists and therapists are compassionate and highly trained in the brain science, as well as the therapeutic approaches that help teens and young adults in successfully weathering these challenging times. 

Please call for a free 15 minute consultation to see if our services fit what you are looking for. 

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