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Autism Spectrum Evaluations and Placement Recommendations

  • High intelligence and boredom in classroom
  • Difficulty reading between the lines, not recognizing social cues
  • Highly volatile, easily angered
  • Extreme pre-occupation with rules and fairness

When children demonstrate cognitive, emotional or behavioral symptoms that are consistent with Aspergers syndrome or Autism, the job of recognizing the exact disorder and therefore the specifics of the child's needs is very important. Accurate and specific testing, and attention to details is of utmost importance, given that the evaluation and test results will be an integral part of the child's educational endeavors and placements in school and other community-based programs. 

Dr. Lara San Pedro, Psy.D. at Feeling Good Therapy and Training Center is a highly trained and compassionate psychologist, with years of experience in testing and evaluating children on the spectrum. In her assessments, she uses several highly technical testing batteries and skill set measures to determine her patients' current level of functioning. This way, she can make the most appropriate recommendations for treatments, some of which can be offered within Feeling Good Therapy and Training Center. 

To learn more about how testing and evaluation is set up and what treatment options exist, feel free to call for a free 15 minute consultation. 

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