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  • Joint pain
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  • Having foggy brain
  • Feeling discouraged about own health
  • Difficulties reaching or maintaining a healthy weight

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychotherapeutic treatment that guides patients in identifying and modifying destructive thought patterns that have unpleasant effects on their behavior and emotions. Without proper intervention, these negative thoughts can contribute to or worsen mental and emotional health problems. CBT helps address these problems by replacing them with more objective, realistic thoughts. Various studies show how it is highly effective in supporting patients with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, women’s health problems, alcohol and drug addiction, trauma, and eating disorders.

How CBT Therapists in San Francisco Can Help

Cognitive behavioral therapists have in-depth knowledge of how a person’s feelings and thoughts impact their behavior. Using various CBT strategies, they teach patients that while it is impossible to control every aspect of life, they can take charge of how they view and deal with the things that surround them. Furthermore, therapists help patients develop healthy coping techniques that will allow them to engage in healthier thinking patterns to better manage stressful life situations.

With each course of SF CBT, the patient can learn to:

  • Recognize the problems easily and clearly
  • Differentiate the facts from irrational thoughts
  • Understand the impact of past experience on their present feelings and beliefs
  • View a situation from a different perspective
  • Understand the actions and motivations of other people
  • Develop a more positive way of thinking and interpreting situations
  • Face challenges rather than avoid them

Understanding the Power of TEAM-CBT in Treating Patients

Dr. Katie Dashtban uses a modality called TEAM-CBT, which includes powerful tools applicable for virtually any form of therapy and every patient interaction.

TEAM-CBT is a major breakthrough in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy created by Dr. David Burns. Dr. Burns is a pioneer in CBT, a renowned professor and psychiatrist at Stanford Hospital, and author of best-selling self-help books, like Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy. TEAM-CBT is a powerful framework for providing evidence-based psychotherapy that is proven to be more effective than traditional therapy. 

The TEAM acronym stands for the 4 essential aspects of effective therapy:

  • Testing – This process is used to measure the improvement of the patient and identify their stuck points. They are also given an opportunity to provide feedback to their therapist and make adjustments that will help accelerate their recovery. Patients will be asked to fill out a short mood survey to allow them to share their feelings and thoughts and why they feel and think that way.
  • Empathy – TEAM-CBT therapists use multiple proven-effective empathy and communication to establish rapport with patients, helping them to talk freely and openly. This enables patients to feel accepted, valued, understood, and respected.
  • Assessment of Resistance – Using dynamic therapeutic techniques, TEAM-CBT therapists are able to understand the issues that get in the way of the patient’s recovery.
  • Methods – TEAM-CBT therapists have over 100 practical strategies designed to help patients deal with various mental and emotional health issues in a healthier way.

Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Bay Area

Dr. Dashtban provides online cognitive behavior therapy to help patients cope with anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and more. Online CBT offers several benefits including:

  • Ideal for those in remote places where there is limited access to face-to-face therapy
  • Eliminates the need to travel to and from the clinic
  • Flexible and convenient schedules
  • Ensure privacy and security

Here is what you can expect from the therapy:

  • Initial Intake – The patient and Dr. Dashtban will evaluate and determine goals that are achievable during a 6-week course.
  • 6-Week Courses – To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, the patient will undergo a minimum of 6-week course of treatment. Dr. Dashtban may add another 6 weeks if necessary.

Visit this page to learn about therapy costs and insurance.CBT is a good start to breaking away from negative thoughts and behaviors. Know that help is readily available for you. Call Dr. Dashtban today at 1-888-539-1172 to book an online cognitive behavioral therapy in your SF area.


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