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What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psycho-therapy intervention where a psychologist works with an individual to help them recognize and change negative thought patterns that impact their behavior and emotions. This form of mental health therapy has been demonstrated to help people struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, women’s health problems, alcohol and drug addiction, trauma, and eating disorders. CBT has been the chosen method of treatment for several decades as the most effective and long lasting approach to treat most mood and anxiety issues.

Benefits Of Cognitive Therapy (CBT) for Toronto Patients

Numerous studies suggest that CBT is a powerful tool that addresses different psychological conditions. Various CBT techniques help individuals develop healthy coping strategies to face and solve challenges. Furthermore, CBT has been scientifically validated to help reduce relapse in patients compared with other types of psychotherapy or with medication alone.

CBT allows patients to recreate unpleasant thought patterns and replace them with thoughts that are more realistic and rational. It helps to rebuild their self-esteem and make them feel hopeful about their lives and future.

What Is TEAM-CBT and How It Work

Dr. Katie Dashtban uses a modality known as TEAM-CBT to treat patients.

TEAM-CBT is a significant development of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy designed by Dr. David Burns, one of the forefathers of CBT, a renowned psychiatrist and professor at Stanford Hospital and author of best-selling self-help books like When Panic Attacks. It is a groundwork used to manage measurement-based therapy that delivers more results than traditional CBT therapy.

Comprising the 4 vital elements of effective therapy, TEAM-CBT stands for Testing, Empathy, Assessment for Resistance, and Methods.


At the start and end of each therapy session, the testing process is used to gauge the improvement and recognize the stuck points (thoughts that prevent the patient from recovering). It provides feedback to the therapist and allows them to make adjustments that will speed up recovery. The patient will be asked to answer a brief mood survey, which allows them to share their feelings and thoughts and why they feel and think that way.


Through empathy and a variety of effective communication techniques, TEAM-CBT therapists are able to understand how patients feel and connect with them in a warm and supportive way. This enables patients to openly share their feelings and thoughts and make them feel accepted, valued, understood, and respected.

Assessment of Resistance

A TEAM-CBT therapist uses highly effective, specialized therapeutic strategies that enable them to acknowledge and understand the factors that hinder the recovery of the patient. Once those factors are recognized and identified, patients are coached to make their best decisions about how they wish their recovery to unfold.


TEAM-CBT has more than 100 dynamic cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal strategies that help patients manage depression, anxiety, trauma, low self-esteem, alcohol and drug addiction, and relationship problems in a healthy way. Additionally, it also helps patients talk about their negative behaviour and thoughts, which helps accelerate improvement in patients.

Why Trust our Virtual Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Clinic in Toronto

Dr. Dashtban offers Toronto patients with online cognitive behavioural therapy services. Online or virtual CBT is proven to be as effective (even more convenient) as an in-person appointment. Virtual CBT is effective for Toronto patients of all ages.

Here is what you can expect from our online cbt session:

Initial Consultation

Dr. Dashtban will evaluate your current condition and how its symptoms impact your daily life, as well as identify what goals can be achieved over a short course of treatment.

5-week Courses of Treatment

After the initial consultation is a 5-week course of treatment that will help patients gain a better understanding of feelings and behavior and learn how to cope with difficult situations. Another 5-week treatment course may be added if necessary until all the patient’s therapy goals are achieved.

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