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Relationships can be challenging and those challenges are hard to be fully prepared for. I work with couples who are contemplating their relationship and wondering if they should stay in it, leave it, or find a different and improved way to enjoy it.

This work is most suitable for couples who are seeking an immediate resolution to the status of their relationship. In other words, this work is different than just talk therapy where the couple may meet their therapist once a week to discuss their challenges and get some suggestions from the therapist.

Instead, the couple would meet with me once as a couple, then on a handful of sessions, each member meets with me separately to work on the ways they each could discover the roles and rules that govern their relationship and to see if they are interested or willing to change those roles and rules.

Ample empathy skills will be practiced when the couple chooses to change the rules and roles.

The work is then completed by bringing the couple back in one or more sessions to discuss their newly learned personal skills and personal discoveries about their relationship.

The ultimate goal of this couple therapy is Feeling Good, which might be achieved either by staying in, or leaving the relationship.

Either way, my personal attention to the way each party approaches their own input to the relationship is what most couples find quite illuminating and ultimately instrumental in restoring good feelings again.

Relationship Problems

Relationships of any type can be challenging at the beginning, middle, or even the end. They can include intimate ones such as romantic, pre-marital, marital, and divorcing; family such as parent to child, sibling, and blended; professional such as employee to manager and coworkers; and other relationships that include friends, classmates, teammates and neighbors. Getting help shows that you care enough to feel better about the relationship and how it’s going.


To help you feel differently about your relationship, it’s not necessary that you and your partner both attend. In fact it’s pretty common that only one person considers therapy to be a viable option while the other person would rather duck down and hope for the best.

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Conflict is an integral part of being in relationship. Sometimes the distress is internal and experienced by one partner or it can be open conflict between partners. Whatever it may be, learning how to communicate during conflict is important to growing as a couple and as individuals who have a need to be known.

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There can be times when it’s desirable that more than one person receives the benefit of therapy. Family therapy involves a group of people, often living under the same roof, who care about improving a situation at home or in the group. Therapy can include a range of different aged individuals from older children to adults, as long as everyone can be involved helpfully.

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