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Divorce Mediation

Divorce brings waves of changes in the lives of those affected: your partner, the people around you, and most especially, you. It can also bring trauma and grief, especially when the separation is filled with tension. On the other hand, divorce gives you a chance to start over and pick yourself up as you begin your new journey.

If you are in Toronto and seeking divorce mediation services, Feeling Good Wellness Center is ready to help you start anew. Experience comfort and convenience when you go on a one-on-one virtual therapy session with experienced divorce mediator Dr. Katie Dashtban.

Why Get Divorce Mediation in Toronto

Divorce takes a huge toll on several aspects of a person’s life—mentally, financially, socially, and emotionally. It can make you grieve over the loss of a partner and live with guilt. In turn, these feelings can lead to depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Divorce can affect the following aspects of your life:

  • Lifestyle

Getting divorced means you’re single again and you have to live with that. Loneliness and shock are part of the aftermath of divorce as well among other things. You develop new habits unconsciously, especially when the divorce takes a heavy toll on your emotional well-being.

  • Relationships

Depending on custody agreements, you are confined with the limited hours you spend with your children. It even gets worse when people take sides and only a few stick with you.

  • Finances

Your finances take a huge blow after the divorce. If you are supported by your partner, you have to find a way to make ends meet after the final verdict of your case. The sudden financial change can make you feel more anxious than before.

It is hard to deal with divorce alone no matter what kind of situation you’re in. Seek the proper intervention to avoid hurting yourself and the people around you. Get the proper skills, mindset, and coping mechanisms with divorce therapy in Toronto.

Work with Dr. Dashtban for your personal growth and development as you heal and go on with your life.

Online Divorce Mediation with Dr. Dashtban

Divorce should never be a setback. It’s an opportunity to start anew. You can count on Dr. Dashtban to listen to your woes as you go through the motions of divorce therapy through exclusively online one-on-one sessions. She uses a modality known as TEAM-CBT which is a results-driven approach to therapy.

Getting back on your feet is often difficult, but Feeling Good Wellness Center can help you ease into healing through these steps:

  • Initial Intake
    You and Dr. Dashtban will determine measurable goals that you will achieve in as little as 5 weeks.
  • 5-Week Courses of treatment
    Each course of treatment lasts for 5 weeks. Additional 5-week courses of treatment will be added if necessary until you achieve every goal you set with Dr. Dashtban.

For more questions regarding cost and insurance, refer to this page.

Divorce Mediation and Therapy in Toronto, Ontario

Divorce might be the end of the road for you and your partner, but it’s the beginning of a new and thriving life for you. Don’t get stuck in the past and learn to cope with the grief and trauma that divorce brings at Feeling Good Wellness Center.


Life after divorce is a long and winding road, but it helps to have someone you can count on to listen to you. Connect yourself with a divorce mediator who can help you feel good again. Reach out to Dr. Dashtban via 1-888-539-1172 or email [email protected].