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Divorce is a life-changing event that has far-reaching effects. It can be a traumatic experience, especially if it’s a high-conflict scenario. However, it doesn’t have to be considered a failure. Couples divorce for various reasons, but one thing is true — divorce brings with it a new beginning. Seeking the assistance of a divorce therapist is an excellent way to get you started on your new journey.

Dr. Katie Dashtban at Feeling Good Wellness Center offers divorce mediation services for Los Angeles patients to help them navigate this new beginning.

Why You Need Divorce Mediation in Los Angeles, California

Divorce, whether it’s an amicable or a high-conflict one, can take a toll on individuals, mentally, emotionally, socially, and financially. It can bring about feelings of guilt, grief, and fear which, in turn, can lead to various mental health problems including anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Divorce can bring about various changes including:

  • Way of Life – When you divorce, you need to relearn being single again. You may have to face feelings of loneliness and the shock of separating. These feelings can surface whether you wanted to divorce or not.
  • Financial – Your financial status changes after a divorce, especially if you were supported by your partner throughout your marriage. The sudden financial changes may lead people to worry and become anxious.

Relationships – Your relationship with your children, in-laws, and friends may change with divorce. You may have less time to spend with your children, depending on custody agreements. You may lose friends, especially if they take sides. These changes can cause feelings of loss and grief.

Dealing with the variety of challenges that come with divorce are hard to do alone. Without the right intervention, divorcing couples can end up hurting themselves, their children, and the rest of the family. Divorce therapy can help you face these challenges by equipping you with the right skills and mindset.

Working with Dr. Dashtban will allow you to take this as a chance for personal growth and development so you can heal and move forward.

Dr. Dashtban Is a Trusted Divorce Mediator in Los Angeles

Divorce does not have to be a negative event to be viewed as a setback. Dr. Dashtban provides divorce mediation services in Los Angeles. She uses a results-driven approach called TEAM-CBT, a form of cognitive behavioral therapy that’s measurement-based and allows you to restore your quality of life.

Here is what you can expect from divorce therapy at Feeling Good Wellness Center:

  • Initial Intake – The initial intake allows you and Dr. Dashtban to evaluate the nature of your current symptoms and how they affect your health and disrupt your daily life. This also allows you to establish quantifiable goals that may be met in a short period of time.
  • 5-week courses of treatment – Following the initial intake, patients will begin a 5-week therapy program. If deemed necessary, another 5-week course of treatment will be added until all of your therapeutic objectives have been met.

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Searching for Divorce Mediation Near You? Turn to Feeling Good Wellness Center

You are only one phone call away from healing. Give yourself the chance to feel good again by allowing Dr. Dashtban to assist you through divorce mediation sessions in Los Angeles. For a trusted divorce mediator near you, give her a call at 1-888-539-1172.