Dr. G. Katie Dashtban, Psy.D.

Director of Feeling Good Wellness Center

Dr. Dashtban defines her role as a psychologist as one who holds a guiding light, while her patients choose the turns in this maze we call life. In her practice, Dr. Dashtban refrains from offering advice, but instead helps her patients overcome obstacles that cause emotional suffering, and shows them tools to use when deciding on the desired changes in their lives.

Dr. Dashtban’s patients range from older teens to seniors. Individuals and couples who wish to change the course of their lives in ways that seem challenging and yet necessary would benefit from their work with Dr. Dashtban. In her work, Dr. Dashtban utilizes the most up-to-date research and clinical findings.

Dr. Dashtban is experienced in a variety of clinical domains including chronic health issues such as pain, obesity, diabetes and cardiac health, and sexual dysfunctions. She is also well versed in treating addictions to substances such as alcohol and marijuana and behaviors such as gambling and pornography. Additionally, Dr. Dashtban helps individuals coping with psychosocial challenges associated with adult Aspergers’ Syndrome.

Dr. Dashtban also specializes in assisting couples seeking divorce or resolution of their relationships when the well being of themselves and their children and assets are very important to them.

Dr. Dashtban earned her doctorate degree in clinical health psychology from California School of Professional Psychology after having had completed her masters of science in clinical psychology from Middle Tennessee State University. She has completed two postdoctoral fellowships, one in advanced techniques of cognitive therapy: Level 4 TEAM-CBT from Stanford, and the other in Pain Psychology from Kaiser Permanente San Francisco. She has been a teacher and trainer at various universities and colleges and a speaker throughout the Bay Area.

Dr. Dashtban is a native Iranian-American, bilingual psychologist. She brings her familiarity and experience of working with individuals and families who are first or second-generation Iranian-American and offers psychotherapy (in Farsi or Engish) that is informed by evidence-based principals of western training as well as the intra-cultural norms and ethical principles of Iranian culture.

Dr. Dashtban lives in the Bay Area, Northern California, and Toronto, Canada with her husband and two children. She loves reading books, hosting and attending dinner parties, enjoys listening to opera, and is an avid practitioner of yoga and long walks on the beach.

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