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As a parent, trying to help your child or teen can be frustrating and feel futile or helpless. We work with young people to come up with a mutual plan of action to teach them to help themselves in a way that makes sense to them. Our therapists provide an appropriate level of confidentiality that facilitates therapy for the young person.

Socio-Emotional Concerns for School-Aged Children

Our therapists are compassionate and warm, experienced in helping students feel better in their school settings. There will be interactive role plays, demonstration of scenarios, and the use of games and toys. Children learn improved social skills through age-appropriate play therapy methods combined with the TEAM-CBT framework. Utilization of talk therapy increases with the age and maturity of the individual client.

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“Remove aversion, then, from all things that are not in our control, and transfer it to things contrary to the nature of what is in our control.”