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  • Joint pain
  • Head aches
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Trouble with gut heath
  • Chronic bloatation
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Feeling heavy
  • Feeling tired despite resting
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Having foggy brain
  • Feeling discouraged about own health
  • Difficulties reaching or maintaining a healthy weight

Turn to a Trusted Mental Health Clinic in Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Katie Dashtban, founder of Feeling Good Wellness Center offers the services of her mental health clinic to Los Angeles patients. She practices a specialized brand of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and health services called TEAM-CBT. This is a measurement-based and results-oriented approach that aims to help you move past your pain and restore your quality of life.

Feeling Good Wellness Center’s Los Angeles Mental Health Services

Dr. Dashtban offers the following services:

  • Women’s Health Therapy

While poor mental health can affect men and women alike, there are certain factors that put women at a higher risk of poor mental health compared to men. In addition to physical differences that influence brain chemistry and hormone fluctuations, society also places high demands on women, which can lead to mental health concerns. According to studies, women are almost two times as likely as men to develop depression and anxiety.

Women from the ages of 20 to 70 often experience issues pertaining to:

  • Chronic health conditions:
    • Sexual dysfunction
    • Chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndrome
    • Menstrual syndromes
    • Perimenopause and menopause
    • Sugar intolerance
    • Addiction to certain foods
  • Mental health conditions
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Eating disorders
  • Reproductive health conditions
    • Pregnancy
    • Childbirth
    • Post-partum
  • Psycho-social conditions
    • Relationship conflicts
    • Divorce
    • Empty nest syndrome

If you feel overwhelmed by the demands and pressures of your life, especially as a woman, turn to Feeling Good Wellness Center. Dr. Dashtban offers therapy for women from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds.

  • Divorce Mediation

The end of a marriage can be a traumatic experience for both parties, especially if a couple is having difficulty doing it amicably. It can allow feelings of fear, guilt, and grief to surface. The divorcing couple can end up hurting their children as well as themselves, which can lead to various mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

Divorce can be mentally, physically, and financially taxing. To cope with these challenges, a divorcing couple may seek divorce therapy. Working with a therapist can equip you with the necessary skills and mindset to work through the difficulties of the divorce.

Divorce doesn’t have to be a negative experience. It doesn’t have to be considered a failure. Therapy with Dr. Dashtban will allow you to see divorce as a positive rite of passage and as an opportunity for personal growth and development.

  • Trauma Therapy

Trauma affects people in multiple ways, both mentally and physically. It can manifest as physical reactions that include inflammation, chronic pain, chronic headaches, and rashes, among others. It can be difficult to stay free of addictions and can often lead to panic attacks and extreme emotional outbursts.

Trauma may be caused by various circumstances, like child abuse, domestic violence, bullying, and chaotic family living. However, trauma doesn’t have to be a life sentence. You can heal from it if you take the necessary steps.

To start your journey toward healing, turn to Dr. Dashtban. She will help you overcome your trauma so you can live life to the fullest.

How It Works

Here’s what you can expect from Feeling Good Wellness Center:

  • Initial Intake – The initial intake will allow you and Dr. Dashtban to determine measurable goals.
  • 6-week courses – What follows the initial intake is a course of treatments that lasts for 6 weeks. If necessary, additional 6-weeks courses of treatment will be added.

If you have any questions regarding cost and insurance, refer to this page.


If you’re a resident of Los Angeles looking for mental health services, help is available for you at the Feeling Good Wellness Center. Let Dr. Dashtban help you through these difficult times so that you can learn to feel good again. Give her a call at 1-888-539-1172.