Meet Our Staff

Our staff is a dynamic group of psychologists, licensed psychotherapists, and clinical social workers. We’re based in Fremont and Santa Cruz and offer a variety of services and expertise in various languages.

Dr. Katie Dashtban, Psy.D.

510.400.6160 | [email protected]

After the completion of her doctorate program at California School of Professional Psychology, Dr. Dashtban completed one year of residency at UCSF Department of Psycho-Social Medicine and then 2 years of post doctoral fellowship in Pain Management at San Francisco Kaiser Permanente, and was licensed as a Clinical Health Psychologist in California in 2008. Her area of clinical expertise is in behavioral medicine, which is an interplay between medicine and psychology.

Marla Steckwren LCSW

Marla Steckwren, LCSW

831.621.1150 x1004 | [email protected]

Marla takes an empathic approach that allows clients to feel respected and understood. She helps clients learn new powerful techniques to overcome mood and anxiety disorders and to improve the quality of life.

Van Pillay, AMFT

510.779.9088 | [email protected]

Van sees her role as a therapist who helps guide her clients through a process of renewing their minds by exploring the meaning of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors so that they may be able to find satisfaction, hope, peace and joy.

In her practice and everyday life, Van believes in honesty, kindness, gentleness, and faithfulness.

Molly Long, LCSW

831.621.1150 x1003 | [email protected]

Molly believes that wellness is possible for every person, regardless of their life experiences or emotional challenges. She helps those who are struggling to realize their goals and dreams because of depression, anxiety and/or unresolved trauma. She treats clients by showing them how to better adjust, cope and engage in their relationships, as well as how to move past any trauma suspending their growth.

Gail Wylde, LCSW

Gail’s approach to counseling is empathetic and encouraging.  She has a positive approach with clients and her goal is to provide her clients with the tools to ultimately manage situations on their own.

831.621.1150 x1002 | [email protected]