Molly Long, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Molly believes that wellness is possible for every person, regardless of their life experiences or emotional challenges.

Molly Long is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has been practicing in the state of California for 10 years. She helps those who are struggling to realize their goals and dreams because of depression, anxiety and/or unresolved trauma. She treats clients by showing them how to better adjust, cope and engage in their relationships, as well as how to move past any trauma suspending their growth.

Molly provides treatment for depression, anxiety, relationship issues and unresolved trauma for teens, adults and older adults. She also works with school aged children who struggle with social and emotional deficits.

Molly is seasoned in her work with teens and adults who struggle with the negative consequences of unresolved trauma. For some, such experiences adversely impact how they experience the world and their relationships within it. Unresolved trauma can result in many secondary issues as well, such as depression, anxiety, substance use and/or dysfunctional relationships. Molly works with clients to both build insight into why and what they are responding to with their behavior, as well as provides support in helping clients to build more adaptive concepts and skills regarding what they’ve experienced.

Molly earned her Master’s degree in Social Work at the University of California Los Angeles in 2004 and became licensed to practice independently in 2008. She has extensive experience working in community mental health, as well as providing mental health services to students within the K-12 school setting. She has been trained by the EMDR Institute to utilize EMDR with patients who struggle with unresolved trauma. Additionally, Molly currently attends on-going TEAM CBT trainings through the Feeling Good Wellness Center in Santa Cruz, Ca.

Molly lives in Aptos with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys being a mom, exploring nature and helping others to get and stay well.

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