Rates and Insurance

Dr Dashtban is not contracted directly with any commercial insurance carriers. Therefore, if your policy has coverage for out-of-network providers, you might be able to have the cost of your treatment covered in some portion by your insurance.

If you would like to use your health insurance, please contact them directly and ask if mental health services are covered in your plan. If yes, ask us to provide you with a superbill and you submit it to your insurance carrier for reimbursements.

Additionally, you might be eligible to finance the cost of your therapy via PayPalCredit. In order to find out if you qualify, contact PayPalCredit and find out if you can borrow and use their interest-free offer for 6 months.

Cost breakdown:

Initial intake: $350 per 50 minutes (A minimum of 100 minutes is required to ensure thorough assessment).

Psychotherapy treatment: $300 per 50 minutes (A minimum of 100 minutes is required to ensure thoroughness and continuity of care).

New patients: $3600 for 6 weekly sessions of 100 minutes (Required for all new patients).

Established patients 6-month follow-ups: $300 per 50 minutes (A minimum of 100 minutes is required to ensure thoroughness and continuity of care).

Single sessions available for established patients with prior arrangement with Dr. Dashtban: $300/per 50-minute session.

Sliding Scale is available for patients who need some extra help. The Range is available between $250-300 per 50-minute session. A screening process is involved when asking for a sliding scale.


All major credit cards are accepted.

Payment must be made prior to the beginning of your treatments.

No cash or check payments are accepted.

We use Venmo to process your credit card payments. You must make a Venmo account prior to processing your payment if you don’t already have one.

We also use Paypal to receive payments. See below.

If you’d like to finance the cost of your treatment you may qualify to use PayPalCredit and use their 6-month no-interest payment option.

To learn more about this option you can contact PayPalCredit directly.  


Cancellation Policy

Since we schedule your appointment specifically for you, we charge the full cost of your session should you not make it to your appointment or cancel less than 48 hours prior to your appointment time.


Weekly sessions are held for two consecutive clinical hours (100 minutes) in order to offer a more comprehensive treatment without the interruption of short and abrupt visits.

A course of treatment consists of 6 weekly sessions. Depending on the outcome, additional 6 weeks or fewer courses of treatment will be arranged.

All courses of treatment end with one session of Relapse Prevention whereby all the techniques that have worked for each individual case are reiterated and practiced. Clear instructions on ways to use therapy skills are provided in order to be used in the future should the same or similar circumstances arise.

All patients are invited to follow up twice a year in order to maintain their well-being and increase their repertoire of mental health skills.