Christian (Faith-Based) Therapy

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There are times when you would like to have the security of having a common foundation of faith in the therapy that you seek for yourself, your family member, or friend. Christian faith-based therapy offers psychotherapy that recognizes the gospel of grace completed in the person of Jesus Christ who being innocent and sinless, knowingly and willingly took on the sins of every person in order that each and every person might be reconciled with God.

Life is hard to understand, and during hard times, you could feel overwhelmed, panicked, empty, lost, or even attacked.

No one is immune from these trials of life, so you are not alone in your suffering nor do you have to be in your healing. God loves you, the very you that you are now. He knows the worst and still loves you. His love is so perfect that there is nothing you can do to make Him love you more, and nothing you could ever do to make Him love you less. You might be struggling with what it means to accept His love or with your own desires which might appear to be in conflict with your beliefs about God.

What does Christian therapy look like?

Christian faith-based therapy acknowledges God in the perfect tri-unity of three persons the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and the Bible as the true Word of God. Therapy recognizes that where God is perfect, people are not, and we struggle in our imperfection, often meaning to do well and right, but falling short.

Faith-based psychotherapy is guided by the needs of the individual and his or her struggles and rests on the truth of the Gospel, that Jesus redeemed us, and that our worth is not and never could be based on our merits. We meet you where you are because it is only by His mercy and grace that we have opportunity to be a part of helping you. Christian therapy involves acceptance and love as modeled by Christ.

Do you use the Bible?

Christian faith-based therapy does refer to Biblical references when possible and appropriate, but how you experience the fit of therapy style is important as it is in psychotherapy in general. If you don’t feel comfortable with your therapist’s style, no matter how the Bible is integrated into your work together, it probably won’t help.

We find it most effective to have empathy combined with a foundation in the Bible. In the Bible, we find that Jesus’ life and the Gospel model empathy, acceptance, and inclusion. At the same time, referring to God’s word also keeps us in line with God’s teaching. It’s helpful to have an open conversation about your expectations for the therapy and how you would like to be guided.

Feeling Good Wellness Center offers Christian faith-based psychotherapy to clients who would like help that is guided by Biblical principles.

Our Christian therapists are trained in TEAM-CBT, a patient-centered approach to helping individuals learn to help themselves. This fits in well with faith-based therapy because our struggles in depression, anxiety, relationships, and addictions frequently include wrestling with thoughts of self-worth, achievement, love, and longing, all issues that are addressed by the nature and character of God and His love for us.

During the initial intake, there is an interview where we learn about the presenting problem(s), medical, family, and psychosocial histories among other background information, and the client’s faith experience. This information helps your therapist to integrate faith into the therapy work at a level that is supportive yet challenging and meaningful to each individual.

We invite you to contact our therapists with your questions and explore if this therapy would fit your needs.