Socio-Emotional Concerns for School-Aged Children

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  • Problems with authority figures such as teachers or law enforcement
  • Difficulty making or keeping friends
  • Behavioral problems at school or in the community
  • Difficulty following rules

If your elementary school aged, pre-teen, or teenager son or daughter is experiencing challenges in school yard, feels unaccepted by peers, or experiences conflict with school personnel, we can help.

Pre-teens who experience social awkwardness, challenges in forming or sustaining friendships, or are often in conflict with teachers typically intend to maintain fairness, wish to feel accepted and respected, and sometimes don’t realize some of the unspoken rules that are expected of of them.

Our therapists working with your children are compassionate and warm, with lots of experience in helping students feel better in their school settings and enjoy fun and adventure in their friendships and relationships.

There will be fun and interactive role plays, demonstration of scenarios, and use of games and props. Children learn improved social skills while having fun and making new friends.