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Women from all walks of life and all cultural backgrounds are welcome.

In general, women from most cultural backgrounds experience a variable and sometimes exhaustive list of physical and mental fluctuations throughout their lifetime. Childbearing years (approximately ages 16-50) are often paired with issues like:

Challenges pertaining to chronic health conditions:

  • Chronic pain and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Menstrual syndromes and cyclical mood fluctuations
  • Peri-menopause syndrome (weight gain/loss, excessive bleeding, cyclical mood fluctuations, sleep disturbances)
  • Sexual dysregulations (low sexual desire and painful intercourse)

Challenges pertaining to psycho-social conditions:

  • Conflictual relationships, unsatisfactory dating experiences, domestic abuse
  • Past traumatic experiences played out in current life circumstances
  • Overwhelming family responsibilities (caring for aging parents while raising own younger or older children)
  • Complications associated with maintaining their professional goals and obligations while raising children and minding their family’s needs.

Social-legal conditions:

  • Complications associated with divorce or remarriage
  • Money management and retirement planning
  • Complications associated with supporting kids launching off to college and beyond
  • Complications associated with guardianship and logistical care of elderly parents

Existential Crisis:

  • Dissatisfaction associated with spiritual practices and aligning life to religious or spiritual desires.
  • Anxiety and fear associated with death and aging, own or that associated with loved ones.

I can help you with any of the above.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be quite helpful in times like this.

You need an empathic therapist who knows how to listen to your concerns carefully, and then be able to help you find the best way to manage those circumstances and conditions.

You are not alone.

Most women go through a variety of the problems listed above and I bring my extensive research and practical experience in the field of Women’s Health to you and can help you in as short a time as possible.