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  • Joint pain
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  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Chronic pelvic pain
  • Trouble with gut heath
  • Chronic bloatation
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Feeling heavy
  • Feeling tired despite resting
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Having foggy brain
  • Feeling discouraged about own health
  • Difficulties reaching or maintaining a healthy weight

Trauma can happen to anyone. It can leave a person struggling with distressing emotions, memories, and anxiety that disrupt your normal activities and ability to function.

It is never too late to start trauma therapy and heal old wounds. Intervention is crucial to helping patients understand the impact of trauma and how to deal with the symptoms.

Dr. Katie Dashtban is a trusted psychologist who offers trauma treatment and counseling to help Los Angeles patients survive unpleasant past experiences and live the life they deserve. She ensures that every patient will feel safe, secure, and comfortable through one-on-one online trauma therapy and counselling sessions.

Getting Professional Help from a Trusted Trauma Therapist

Trauma affects individuals in various ways. There is no way to compare its impact on your life to others. Counselling can help you recognize your trauma and how to cope with its effect in a healthy and non-destructive way. Trauma counselling has various treatment methods to help you move forward with your life. Trauma therapy uses communication and listening techniques that help therapists design a treatment approach that is tailor-fit to your needs.

Here is how trauma therapy or counselling can change your life:

  • Learning and understanding how trauma has affected your life
  • Identifying the trigger factors
  • Developing a healthy set of coping mechanisms
  • Reducing trauma symptoms
  • Feeling safe again

Preparing yourself is crucial for the success of trauma therapy. Trusting your feelings and the therapist is the best way to get through every therapy session.

Start Your Healing Journey—Book a Trauma-Informed Therapy in Los Angeles

People who deal with the effects of trauma can experience depression and low self-esteem. Triggers can occur anytime without warning, making you feel overwhelmed and retraumatized. Often, you will end up losing control over your physical and emotional reactions.

Without professional help, past traumatic experiences can continue to wreak havoc on your life, which results in post-traumatic stress disorder. Some PTSD patients often find themselves spiraling into addiction, binge-eating, and social withdrawal to cope with the emotions.

The effects of trauma are wide-ranging, but you should never allow bad experiences to define you. Get professional help. Dr. Dashtban can help you break free and live a normal, healthy life with your loved ones.

What to Expect from a Professional Trauma Therapy

Dr. Dashtban uses the TEAM-CBT approach to treat patients. It employs different effective tools and techniques to help patients break free from unpleasant recurring memories and thoughts. 

TEAM-CBT is a major development in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy. Numerous studies support how it benefits fast and long-term improvement in patients. This type of treatment also has a much more personalized approach than conventional CBT, allowing Dr. Dashtban and the patient to address and treat your trauma effectively. 

  • Initial Intake – You and Dr. Dashtban will discuss and evaluate your current condition and symptoms and determine achievable goals for the treatment.
  • 6-Week Courses of Treatment – Dr. Dashtban will give you a 6-week treatment course to achieve your goals. However, she may also add additional weeks of treatment if necessary.

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If you are ready to take your journey of healing and get started with our trauma therapy, give Dr. Dashtban a call today at 1-888-539-1172 to book an online session.

If you are ready to take your journey of healing and get started with our trauma therapy, give Feel Good Wellness Center today at 1-888-539-1172 to talk to Dr. Katie Dashtban. Together, we will embark to a journey of forgiveness and healing.