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  • Trouble concentrating
  • Having foggy brain
  • Feeling discouraged about own health
  • Difficulties reaching or maintaining a healthy weight

Trauma Therapy

“Trauma is perhaps the most avoided, ignored, belittled, denied, misunderstood, and untreated cause of human suffering.” — Peter Levine

Many of us associate trauma with devastating events that can overwhelm a person’s ability to cope due to feelings of helplessness. However, a traumatic experience is much more than a distressing event. The experience of being abused, neglected, or living in stressful circumstances can significantly affect a person’s physical, emotional, and mental health.

Trauma does not have to be a life sentence of suffering. Feeling Good Wellness Center offers high-quality, results-oriented, and personalized solutions through our structured trauma therapy services in Los Angeles. We will help you move beyond your pain and restore the quality of your life. With years of experience providing traumatic counseling and treatment, our proven approach helps equip our Los Angeles patients with lifelong techniques to take control of their sense of well-being, identity, and purpose for good.

Trauma-Informed Therapy in Los Angeles

“Your trauma is not your fault, but healing is your responsibility.” — Unknown

The good news is, you do not have to live the rest of your life in fear. At Feeling Good Wellness Center, we welcome traumatized patients of all ages who are seeking to make a positive change in their lives. Some of the most common symptoms associated with trauma include increased heart rate, irritability (especially when reminded of the stressful event), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Our trauma therapists incorporate TEAM CBT, a proven and state-of-the-art psychotherapy technique to help empower you to move forward with your life.

  • Testing – We monitor your improvement each therapy session
  • Empathy – We employ specific and highly effective communication techniques to understand your problems and empathize with your stressful experiences.
  • Assessment of Resistance – We use therapeutic strategies to help us identify and understand the issues that impede your healing.
  • Methods – We have more than 100 proven healing tools and techniques to help you overcome your painful experiences.

We understand that traumatic experiences can be difficult to open up about, but we are here to listen and acknowledge what you are going through without judgment. It is our goal to make you feel safe with each trauma-informed therapy virtually in the comfort of your home. Healing from trauma can be a long journey but we are with you throughout the process, allowing you to recover at your own pace.

Start Healing With Our Trauma Therapist

“Recovery doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It simply means it no longer controls you.” — Unknown

At Feeling Good Wellness Centre, we strive to make a lasting difference in our patients’ lives by helping them rebuild their lives and renew hope. Our end goal is to provide you with a sense of inner freedom and self-acceptance that can guide you in making necessary changes in your life.

We understand that every patient’s journey to overcoming trauma is unique. Our compassionate therapist has the expertise and experience to help you understand your pain and move past it.

If you are ready to take your journey of healing and get started with our trauma therapy, give Feel Good Wellness Center today at 1-888-539-1172 to talk to Dr. Katie Dashtban. Together, we will embark to a journey of forgiveness and healing.