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TEAM-CBT Case Consultation

We invite and encourage all clinicians involved in learning or practicing TEAM to consider being involved in a regularly scheduled case consultation group. Sitting through the experience of your colleagues offering you emapthy, helping you set out what type of help might be of best use for you in the care of your specific client, and receiving practical methods in the form of role plays or just practical pointers can sometimes make the difference between a succesful or failed theraputic experience for your clients. 

At Feeling Good Therapy and Training Center of Fremont, LEVEL 4 TEAM trainers and psychologists Dr. Yeh and Dr. Dashtban  offer you hour long consultations on a weekly basis. This opportunity is currently available on Tuesdays from 12:00 to 1:00 PST. You can register to attend the class in person at the Center in Fremont, or join in live via Ring Central video Chat. You can choose to use either route or rotate from week to week.  Write to or call 510-896-8958 to learn more. 

You can register to attend on a monthly basis. The cost is $60 per month, that is for 4 weekly sessions. 

You must sign a consent form to attend the Tuesday Case Consultation and email it to
To register and pay for monthly case consultation click here. 



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