FAQs About Feeling Good Wellness Center

Online Therapy in Ontario and California

Choosing to get help is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. But finding the right fit can be challenging.

 I am a goal-oriented therapist in California and Ontario who believes in being straightforward and honest. I create a structured course of therapy in which all of your goals can be identified and accomplished.

Below is a list of questions you may ask yourself before setting up our consultation call. I don’t believe in hiding things from my patients. You deserve to have your questions about therapy answered!

  • Q: What is your fee for therapy services in California and Ontario?

    A: I strictly abide by the “No Surprises Act” and ensure you’ll never be charged a fee you’re not made aware of in advance.

    My fee is $300 USD/CAD every 50 min therapy session

  • Q: What are your intake appointment fees?

    A: Because my intake appointments are more comprehensive, the fees are as follows:

    My fee is $350 USD/CAD every 50 min intake session

  • Q: How does your intake appointment work?

    A: I charge for your intake separately from any other possible therapy sessions with me. If we both decide we’re a good fit to work together, you pay for your initial 6-weeks of treatment upfront. 

    My fee for the initial 6-weeks is $3,600 USD/CAD

  • Q: What forms of payment do you accept at Feeling Good Wellness Center?

    A: I only accept credit and debit cards, no cash or checks.

  • Q: Do you accept insurance?

    A: I am not contracted as an “in-network provider” with any insurance carriers. Whatever your insurance plan covers for my therapy services in California or Ontario is between you and your insurance carrier. 

    However, I can provide Superbills you can send to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

  • Q: Can I contact you outside of our therapy sessions?

    A: You’re welcome to email me anytime if you have quick administrative questions, such as questions about your homework or appointment times. However, like yours, my time is valuable. So lengthy emails to me are not encouraged.

  • Q: Can I forward you my text conversations, emails to and from others, contracts, or helpful articles I like to use in our therapy sessions?

    A: If you think I should know about anything like this, please bring it up in our therapy sessions together. We can review them together if needed. As a goal-oriented therapist, I encourage you to evaluate the best ways we can use the time we have together and decide what information is likely to help you achieve your therapy goals.

  • Q: Will you write me a letter supporting time off from work, special treatment from my employer, or so I can use a therapy dog?

    A: I do not offer these services, but we can work through why you think you need them in our sessions together.

  • Q: Do you offer expert witness services?

    A: Yes, I appear in court as an expert witness or in support of your case. I offer these services on a case-by-case basis, for which the charge will be determined at the time of service. 

  • Q: Can you send my records to someone else for me?

    A: No, I do not send records to anyone else, not even other doctors, without your permission. Often when you need your records for whatever reason, I provide them to you. However, when I deem it necessary to share documents with professionals who have an understanding of the psychological jargon, I would let you know that, and we will decide together.

  • Q: What if my records get subpoenaed by the court?

    A: If this happens, I will contact you first to have a brief consultation (about 30 minutes) about it and charge you for that time.

  • Q: What is your cancellation policy?

    A: I require a 48-hour advance notice if you must change or cancel your appointment. You will be charged for the entire session fee if you contact me without sufficient notice.

  • Q: I understand I’ll have homework. Do you cover the costs of books and materials?

    A: No, you are responsible for obtaining books and other materials needed for your therapy homework. I may also recommend television shows, podcasts, and movies as part of your homework. Most of these are free, but if there is a cost, you are responsible for it.

  • Q: What legal and ethical guidelines do you stand by?

    A: I strictly adhere to the legal and ethical guidelines for practicing psychology in California and Ontario. This includes limits to confidentiality as outlined in the consent forms you sign when you become a patient.

  • Q: What do I have to have in order to attend online sessions?

    A: you need to have a computer or device that has a camera and microphone attached. You also need to have a strong internet connection. And you must be situated in a safe and stable environment without distractions, others in the room, or in transit.

How to Begin Goal-Oriented Therapy With Me

You want to get started as soon as possible. That’s why I make beginning evidence-based therapy simple.