New Patients

Intake & Consent Forms

This intake form must be filled out and submitted prior to your first appointment.

How to Get Started Finding the Best Therapist

In order to secure a rewarding experience while being treated at the Feeling Good Wellness Center, new patients are encouraged to answer the following questions to themselves prior to securing their treatments:

  1. Am I open and willing to do regularly scheduled psychotherapy homework during my treatment?
  2. Am I willing to carve out the time in my life to attend weekly sessions and to engage in cognitive and behavioral changes that will help make my problems go away?
  3. Do I believe in the idea that getting better and feeling relief from my problems is possible without the help of psychotropic medications?
  4. Do I have the financial resources to secure my treatments even if my health insurance carrier ends up not paying for a portion of the treatment?

Our center offers initial, free, 15-minute phone consultations with a therapist that can be arranged by telephone or by reaching out through this website.

Pay for your services

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