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Divorce Therapy

When lives change, paths differ, and individual goals do not match, perhaps the healthiest option is parting ways and going for a HEALTHY DIVORCE. 

Typically when people think of divorce, they think of negativity and hostility. Making sound decisions, as one might expect, is particularly difficult when one is in a highly combative state of mind. However, at Feeling Good Therapy and Training Center, our aim is to help families experience the positive outcomes of divorce. As such, Dr. Dashtban, Psy.D., who brings years of experience as a licensed clinical psychologist approaches the concept of divorce with the well-being of everyone in mind. Dr. Dashtban pays special attention to children's well-being when they are going to be raised in two different households. Likewise, she pays particular attention to the age bracket, income potential, and access to community resources for each member of the couple, when helping them reach the best outcome in their divorce settlement. Dr. Dashtban's divorce therapy services is particularly sensitive to the needs of LGBQT, medically challenged, and inter-racial-intercultural marriages. 

To learn more if Dr. Dashtban's divorce therapy services are an appropriate fit for your family's needs, please call 510-400-6160 for a free 15 minute phone consultation. 

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