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Divorce is a life-changing event. It’s breaking away from a relationship that needs no saving regardless if it’s an amicable or a high-tension separation. Couples divorce due to various reasons, but if it’s anything, it’s a new beginning for each party. Seeking the help of a divorce therapist will get you started on your new journey to singlehood.

If you’re in San Francisco or anywhere else in California and navigating life after divorce, consider divorce mediation and therapy at Feeling Good Wellness Center. With experience in dealing with couples and families in conflict, Dr. Katie Dashtban can give you a good shot at starting life anew.

Why You Need Divorce Mediation and Therapy in San Francisco

Divorce is like a domino falling apart. When it happens, it not only affects you as a couple but also the people around you. The financial, emotional, mental, and even physical aspects of your life will be severely affected.

Financial Difficulties

One of the parties of the divorcing couples will take the blow financially. This is especially difficult if your partner supported you financially throughout your marriage.


Getting through divorce changes the way you feel about yourself. You feel lonely, shocked, and depressed, and it will show on how you project yourself in front of others. Lastly, you’ll have to remember that you’re single again.


When the people around you take sides, you keep those who are true to you. Divorce could also affect your relationship with your children, depending on custody arrangements.

Guilt, fear, and grief could lead to more serious problems like depression and trauma.

Dealing with divorce and its aftermath is challenging when you’re alone. The right intervention, such as divorce mediation, prevents couples from hurting each other and the people around them.

If you and your ex are living separately now in California and do not have the time nor the desire to deal with each other, online divorce therapy helps you pick yourself up and understand how you feel after the break. Let Dr. Dashtban help you go on your way to personal growth and move forward with life after divorce.

Seek the Help of a Trusted Divorce Mediator in San Francisco

Divorce may feel like a setback, but divorce mediation and therapy will help you see it as the start of something new. Through a tried-and-tested method called TEAM-CBT, Dr. Katie Dashtban will help you get back on your feet.

Here’s what you can expect during your therapy:

Initial Intake
Dr. Dashtban evaluates the nature of your current symptoms. She helps you establish goals that you can achieve in a short period of time, depending on how the symptoms affect your health and life.

6-week courses of treatment
Patients will begin a 6-week therapy program after the initial intake. A second 6-week course of treatment will be added if necessary to achieve all your goals.

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Online Divorce Mediation and Therapy in San Francisco

Healing is only one phone call away with Feeling Good Wellness Center. Give yourself a chance to feel good and move on from a marriage that could have cost you your everything.

Online divorce mediation and therapy helps given the situation we’re in today. Let Dr. Dashtban help you by calling 1-888-539-1172 or sending an email at [email protected]