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Conflict in relationships is perhaps the most integral part of the relationship.

When couples meet and explore the idea of spending the rest of their lives together; when coworkers, neighbors, and friends end up in the relationships that they are, or when family members find themselves in their roles, a few misconceptions can also occur. Examples:

  1. Our relationship will always be nice and smooth. (reasoning based on current positive emotions)
  2. If we are to be successful, we should not be in conflict. (Highly unrealistic expectations)
  3. If we talk about our anger or frustrations, we will lose the relationship. (Emotophobia, fear of emotions)

Most individuals in conflict report that the party they are in conflict with is at fault, causing the problems. The roles that individuals play in maintaining the conflict is often hidden to them.

Furthermore, individual mood problems such as depression and anxiety often get in the way of members of a couple to be sensitive to the needs of the relationship.

How Couples Therapy Works

At Feeling Good Wellness Center, couple’s therapy, and all other forms of relationship therapies are offered by our seasoned and highly trained psychologists and therapists, using the TEAM-CBT approach. The approach allows each individual to look into what their roles are, and what their hopes are, and then the therapy will help each individual to explore what they can change in order to change their relationships.

Several other well-known and commonly practiced methods such as the Gottman Method, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy are highly utilized and incorporated in the TEAM-CBT approach.


Individual Couples Therapy

When needed, we split the care that a couple needs between two individual therapy sessions served by the same or two different clinicians in the center, and then once each member has received the care they need, the members of the couple are rejoined and given the opportunity to practice what they have learned and put to use the healing they have each received.

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