Team-CBT Training Classes

Dr. Dashtban has completed 4 years of informal fellowship training with Dr. David Burns, M.D, the founder of TEAM-CBT at Stanford University.

TEAM-CBT is an advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy technique based on the new and cutting-edge research that has been spear headed by Dr. Burns at Stanford.

Dr Dashtban is certified as a level 4 (highest level) TEAM-CBT teacher and trainer by the Feeling Good Institute in Mt. View, CA.

Clinicians from around the world are able to receive training in TEAM-CBT from Dr. Dashtban and be certified by the Feeling Good Institute for their training with Dr. Dashtban.

The cost of training for a 12-week, curriculum-based course is $2000 for licensed clinicians, and $1500 for interns and pre-licensed clinicians. Hourly-based, case consultation and/or training is also available on an al a carte basis for $250 for licensed, and $200 for pre-licensed clinicians.